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A living room focusing on “Hygge”

The living room will be covered from top to bottom with oak tree. The oak tree created a warm atmosphere and creates a raw contrast to the more cynical looking concrete chimney.

The oak strips on walls and roof creates an acoustic sound within the room making a unique atmosphere. The strips have been mounted onto a soundproof layer, making the sound ever so comfortable. 

This oak tree floor and strips continues into the terrace, which lengthens the room melting in and out together in stylish fashion.

A Nordic kitchen uniting elements

In Nordic thinking the kitchen dining-area is the room in which we are present most of the time. This makes it the room in which all kinds of gatherings with family and friends takes place, as well as it functions as the everyday kitchen.

The kitchen dining-area is placed closely with access to an outdoor environment as well as pool and terrace.

The sliding doors makes it possible to enable the terrace to become a part of the room, and thereby creating an invisible transition from indoor to outside.

The oak tree is used througout the kitching creating a warm atmosphere. The wine collection have been made an integral part of the room posing almost as artwork.